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Covid Policies

In an ever-changing world, we are working hard to always do the right thing; being safe, while pleasing the entirity of our event goers and haunt crew. If you plan to join us in 2021, please understand that we are very thankful to even get to open this year. Being closed in 2020 was the most difficult choice we ever had to make. That said, being closed for two years in a row would be out of the question. Our crew is excited to get back into character and our pre-season customer feedback suggests the same for event goers. 

Here are some of the practices that we will be implementing for the 2021 season in our best effort to be in accordance with Dane County's Public Health ordinances:

  • According to the current public health order of Dane County, performers are exempt of wearing masks. Because we follow the rules as they are written, our cast of freaks will not be required to wear masks. We will offer them all clear masks, so not to interferre with the integrity of our production - if they want to wear masks.

  • Guests will be required to wear masks. We understand that the whole world would rather not wear masks, but this is the rule that allows us to open for the 2021 season. We ask that you honor this simple request of a small business. Our 'checkpoints' throughout the haunt will be where we enforce this - you won't proceed to the next attraction without a face covering.

  • Guests will be required to digitally sign that they do not have Covid-19, nor have had any exposure. During the ticket buying process, you will be required to sign off on this. If you have purchased a ticket and begin to show symptoms, you will need to inquire about a refund by email: "I will happily rescedule or refund your tickets if that means my cast and audiences are safe." - Jacob Eugster (owner).

  • Tickets will be availible by the hour. In the past tickets were available by the night (7-11pm). Now, tickets will be availible for the hour that you have selected. Instead of a lot of people coming between 7:30 and 9pm, we are hoping for an even number of people (or at least limited) throughout the entire night. This effort to spread out our audience's arrival will most likely reduce wait time for entry. Remember, you can arrive at anytime in your window - you do not have to show up exactly on the hour. Please be timely!

  • We have installed a disinfectant machine in the ticket area. This is just for fun and is not to be relied upon as a way of clensing one's self! Simply hit the button and a shower of scentless soap bubbles will rain down on you! No charge, our treat to you!

  • No claustrophobia tunnel. Let's face it, it was gross even before Covid!

As mentioned before, we are doing our best to always do the right thing. We ask you to follow these rules so that Screamin Acres, a local small business, does not have to deal with any additional challenges that we already face. If you want to come out after reading our policies, we look forward to having you. If you are uncomfortable with our policies, there are no hard feelings and we look forward to hosting you again in the future. 

Now, going forward - The cast and crew that makes up the Screamin Acres community is very excited to host our 10th season in production! See you here and happy haunting!

(This information was updated as of September 27th)

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