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Screamin' Acres is located at 3865 WI-138, Stoughton, WI 53589


Screamin Acres seeks to develop a unique haunted attraction experience that fully immerses our audiences into a world of horror that cannot be matched anywhere else while also enabling the growth of the artistic and haunted attraction communities of Southern Wisconsin. By catering to diverse audiences with an equally diverse team to successfully provide frightful fun in the Halloween season, we will make Screamin Acres a tradition for many years to come.


Creativity, Diversity, and Compassion. Our crew of actors is the most valuable asset we have. In order for us to keep growing our actors, artists, and support team must be enabled for success to the fullest of our abilities - with that, attendance and growth will follow.


Screamin Acres was established in 2011 by Jacob Eugster with the goal of paying off a few years of college. Since then, it has grown tenfold. It has become a large part of the Madison Area artistic community and has catered to tens of thousands of audiences from all over the Central Midwest. Now, we seek to continue to grow and adapt in order to never stop improving the quality of the experience that we provide.

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